Friday, September 30, 2011

Random plant event: Kohleria 'Peridots Kitlope'

Not the greatest picture (the camera has trouble with fluorescent lighting, no matter what color setting I use), but it's definitely a flower bud. This plant had flowers on it when it first got here, in May, but I haven't seen any since then, so this is pleasant.

The plant's been behaving a bit strangely since May: the leaf color has changed (they started out green with dark gray/brown veins, and are now solid gray/brown), and a number of sprouts of the plant have begun poking up next to the pot, all around its circumference, which I didn't expect but am told is normal for Kohleria.

Since it seems to be happy, I'm going to chalk the weird behavior up to the usual getting-to-know-you process and see what happens next. I might be able to post pictures of the bloom later, once that happens. The Chirita 'Deco' is flowering again, too, which I'd like to get better pictures of that than I had the first time. Maybe a double feature, then.


Anonymous said...

We are lucky in the Northwest region to have very talented hybridizers working with gesneriads. This particular variety was made by a plant judge and very talented hybridizer of AVs, sinningia, kohlaria, etc, in Vancouver BC. Top notch! It grows compactly when given enough light, blooms proflicly, and is a wonderful addition to our plant pallet. It grows well in the home under lights, or bright windowsills as do all his hybrids. It has won Best In Show in many regions of the country and at the annual convention. It easily shapes up to make a grand display.

See an example plant of this named variety photographed at its best here: scroll down to show Class 9A and click on it to embiggen:

See exampls of some of his other fine work here too:

Ian's alpha name for his hybrids is Peridots, without any apostrophy. So anything you see there with a name starting with > Peridots < is his work. Enjoy looking at the other pretty pics too!

Your Stimulus Package (Seattle)

mr_subjunctive said...

Ian's alpha name for his hybrids is Peridots, without any apostroph[e].

Good to know. I was finding it both ways on-line and wasn't sure.

Carol Ann said...

Re: Kohleria foliage changing color. Kohlerias are notorious for looking different in different conditions. I grow in a greenhouse and under broad-spectrum fluorescent lights, and I usually find I get better foliage color under lights. There are some great hybrids out there like 'Snakeskin' and 'Rattlesnake' that have great foliage in addition to bright, intricately patterned flowers.