Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Anthurium no. 0438 "Joelle Whatever-Nevermind"

Joelle has potential,

but the first bloom (the only one to date) didn't show it off well, and has aged badly.

The leaves seem to be fairly thrips-resistant, or at least more thrips-resistant than one would expect from the spathe,

so I'm willing to wait and see how things progress. The bloom colors are . . . okay, and if later inflorescences can manage to avoid ripping their own spathes, I might be able to find room for her. But I'm not optimistic, and I have other seedlings that do similar color combinations (0085 Carson Trucks, 0206 Marcia Dimes, and 0231 Rhea Listick, just to name three), so if Joelle doesn't pull herself together for the next bloom I'm not going to feel bad about throwing her out.

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