Friday, September 30, 2016

Anthurium no. 0842 "Pretty Punasti"

The name is not quite right, in that this one isn't especially pretty, but it is sort of new, at least. When the first bloom began to open, it was your basic dark red / yellow combination,

7 August 2016.

but the spadix quickly changed to brown, and stayed brown thereafter.

9 August 2016.

11 August 2016.

13 August 2016.

A second bloom did the same, so I guess that's Pretty's thing: dark red and brown. Not all that appealing, but I appreciate the novelty. Even more unusually, the spadix keeps changing color as it ages. The full sequence is yellow --> brown --> purple --> pink.

8 September 2016.

I mentioned in the post for 0723 Tara Dactyl that Tara was one of two plants from the same flat to bloom in the same size at the same time; Pretty is the other one. Here they are together:

L-R: 0842 Pretty Punasti, 0723 Tara Dactyl.

Which is more or less the color difference one sees in person.

Pretty Punasti is another of 0005 Chad Michaels' children, along with 0694 Brad Romance, 0698 Landon Cider, 0723 Tara Dactyl, and one seedling yet to be revealed; of the five, she's the only one with the same spathe color as Chad. All five appear to be keepers in one way or another: Brad's really pretty and also huge, Landon's very thrips-resistant, Tara has the red veining, Pretty's a new color combination, and the unrevealed seedling (coming on October 4 if I can manage to stay on schedule) is both thrips-resistant and pretty, though photos don't show it off well, so you'll probably be underwhelmed when you see it.

Pretty doesn't have a lot in the way of foliage,

though the leaves it does have are fine.

So she's another keeper. All the outside plants came in for the winter last weekend, so the collection is in upheaval at the moment, but Pretty's another seedling I hope to promote to a 6-inch pot eventually.

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Paul said...

Haven't brought my outdoor shrubbery back indoors yet ....though it is definitely time to do so. Can't say I'm looking forward to trying to "shoehorn" them back in amongst their permanently housebound (apartment bound) brethren.