Friday, October 14, 2016

Anthurium no. 0791 "Joslyn Fox"

As I write this (11 October), the only new Anthurium blooms to write about are Joslyn (the subject of this post) and 0045 Lineysha Sparx, who I'll post about on Sunday. I still have some first-time buds in progress,1 but if the past is any guide, some of them will abort their blooms, or need to be discarded, before a bloom actually happens, and only two of them appear at all close to opening at the moment, so it'll be a while before they can get posts.2

So the post frequency is about to slow down again. I have a few non-Anthurium things I can write about, including an update on the Polyscias seedlings (spoiler: of the original 11 seedlings, only 9 remain alive, and only 4 or 5 of those are still looking good and doing well), but until the Schlumbergeras start doing their Schlumbergery thing, things are likely to be a bit quieter here than they have been.

So let's take a look at Joslyn.

Top left: 9 September 2016.
Top right: 11 September 2016.
Bottom left: 17 September 2016.
Bottom right: 22 September 2016.

Deciding how to record Joslyn's bloom color has been tough; depending on the lighting, and the age of the inflorescence, the spathe reads as pink, light coral, or peach. And the spadix substantially shifts in color with age, from a light orange-pink initially, to orange and then pink. Sometimes it looks really interesting and like a distinctly new color combination, and other times it's just another in a long line of pink/pinks.

Joslyn's one of 0200 Mario Speedwagon's kids; I was hoping for purple blooms. So she might or might not be interesting, but either way she's a little disappointing.3

Nothing especially remarkable about the leaves.

The plant as a whole is more or less average, given her age. One sucker, maybe two.

Probably a keeper overall, because even if Joslyn isn't that impressive, she's still a little bit different, and there are probably some useful genes in there somewhere. But if she happens to come down with a terrible case of scale or something and I have to discard her, I'm not going to feel terrible about it.


1 0407 Maria D'Millionaire; 0434 Irene Staldwindos (maybe; I think Irene aborted her bud already); 0446 Venus Xtravaganza; 0758 Miles Long, Esquire; 0765 Hope Leeze; 0789 Marsha P. Johnson; 0802 Dana International; 0811 Alma Children; 0892 Eddie Izzard; 0929 Asia Persuasia; 1095 Carolina Pineforest; 1145 Jimmy James; and 1211 Gina Marie Rittale.
0802 Dana International is of particular interest: she's a seedling of 0200 Mario Speedwagon, one of my few purple-blooming seedlings, and looks like she's (maybe) going to produce a purple bloom as well.
2 0446 Venus Xtravaganza is open just enough that I can see the spadix, but it's not clear whether she's going to open the spathe further. So I'm holding off on scheduling a post until I can be sure that the photos are as good as they're going to get.
0765 Hope Leeze is also really close right now, but has been really close for what feels like months already. I don't know whether it's actually been months, or just feels like it, because the election has completely ruined my sense of time.
I swear it feels like the election started 700 years ago. And I'm literally counting the seconds until it's over,

though it's not like things will be normal again after the election is done. I'm afraid we're going to be feeling this one for years.
3 Purple genes appear to be at least somewhat recessive. Only 3 in 10 seedlings of the NOID purple have been purple, and only 1 of the 7 known grand-seedlings have been purple (and that one's questionable, since it's based on a bud which hasn't opened yet).


Diana said...

I agree, this presidential election has the potential to really ramp up the Culture War (Movie announcer voice: Bigots vs. Compassion - which side will still be standing when the dust settles?)

We need to design a flag - a raging rabbit on a field of Anthuriums?

halo2omething said...

Haha, isn't she supposed to be "the dark horse"? ;)