Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty pictures: Lilium cvv.

So it's Lilium season again. A couple of the Hemerocallis (day lilies) are beginning to bloom too, but mostly what I've been noticing are the Asiatics. Which would be hard to ignore even if I wanted to. (It's possible that some of these are not Asiatic lilies, but lilies of some other type. I don't claim to be a lily Ph.D.) I'm especially fond of the red and white NOID, first in line below.

Whoever owns the rights to the "Tiny" series of lilies has got to be making a damned fortune. By the way.

Lilium NOID.

Lilium NOID.

Lilium 'Tiny Athlete.'

Lilium NOID.

Lilium NOID.

Lilium 'Tiny Bee.'

Lilium 'Tiny Ghost.'

Lilium NOID.

Lilium NOID.

Lilium 'Tiny Sensation.'

Lilium 'Tiny Sensation.'

Lilium NOID.

Lilium NOID.

Lilium 'Pink Pixie.'


Garden Groans said...

I spent Saturday taking photos of lilies growing in a friend's garden. When they are happily situated there is nothing like the show (well, until the next group of flowers bloom; you know what I mean!!!) You have so much variety and the colors...sigh! Lovely. Thanks.


Greensparrow said...

I keep wanting to like lilies, but never quite can. Something about the leaves -- such a strange pipe-cleaner like frizz of leaves and then suddenly flowers. And the super dwarf ones just freak me out -- dwarfed out of all sense of proportion with disturbingly large flowers like a skinny woman with HUGE fake boobs.

Anonymous said...

Asiatic lilies are the only kind I like -- Callas and Daylilies leave me cold. I just love that there are so many blooms on a single stalk! There's a farm ( about a 3 hr drive away that I've been dying to visit -- nothing but lilies there and apparently you can smell them long before you get there.

Nice pics, Mr. S!

cconz said...

Lilies, one can NEVER have to many.My fav's are the ones called "Orienpet", it's a cross between a trumpet lily and a oriental.They are unbelievable.

Christine B. said...


Hope I don't presume too much, but I linked to a post your wrote on all things "plastic plant" for my latest post: Are Yours Real or Fake? Of course, my post is a pale imitation, completely superficial compared to your masterful treatment of the subject matter;)

Never seen the NOID designation before. It sounds much more respectable than "I lost the tag."

Christine in Alaska

Water Roots said...

I love liliums; they are my favourites in the garden. The only problem with them is the red lily beetle. If you get these evil bugs in your garden, it's a battle trying to get rid of them. And they can strip a lilium of its leaves (and even destroy buds/flowers) within a few short days. I'm dealing with that problem right now with some of my liliums. And it's not much fun.

Still. Nothing compares to liliums. Daylilies are really nice, but don't really compare.

Sixwing said...

Oh, lilies! That pink-to-yellow NOID is fantastic. I'm normally a fan of the spotted ones, but that might just make the list of "buy if you ever find it" anyway.

Water Roots said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you that I think your first lilium is a Lilium x 'Red/White Pixie' that I added to my garden this year. I mentioned it here: And now that the liliums are blooming, the flowers look exactly like the flowers in your first pic.