Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garden Shed Contest is having a contest for the best garden shed in the UK; one can see the entries here. Sharp-eyed readers will notice an entry from friend of the blog Esther Montgomery in the mix. To vote for a shed, one has to click on the picture and then click a button at the page that comes up. Some are more creative than others: I think it goes without saying that Esther's surely deserves Best Conceptual Shed (though you have to click the picture to see the description, if you want to know why). No wait -- actually I don't think it goes without saying. Apparently.

Anyway, something to look at.

(Found via Bad Astronomy, who has his own ideas about who should win.)


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Subjunctive! Thanks for the heads up on the garden shed contest. If anyone out there is really interested in customizing their shed, my friend garden writer Debra Prinzing has a great new book out (available at most major bookstores) called "Shed Style." She went throughout the country photographing and writing about unique garden sheds. Check it out for some inspiration.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing...that was fun!