Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Blogs of Interest

Or maybe that should read "Blogs of New Interest." The blogs aren't necessarily new, but my interest in them is. Neither phrasing is very clear. Maybe "Interesting Blogs of the New."


Letters and Leaves is the relatively new blog from longtime PATSP commenter Ivynettle, who writes from . . . . (Have you said where you write from, Ivynettle? 'Cause I'm just now realizing that I don't know.) Topics include indoor plants, plant-related employment, and more indoor plants, so far. Found via her comments here at PATSP.

Terra Mirabilis is written by Penny McCrea from somewhere in the depths of South Florida. Frequent topics: the outdoor growing of tropicals, wild wildlife, domesticated wildlife, her neighborhood, food plants, weather, and the various topics where the above overlap. I ran into TM via James Missier's Garden Chronicles.

Watching the World Wake Up is written by Watcher, from Salt Lake City, Utah, and is fairly difficult to categorize as far as subject matter. Plants, animals, bicycling, Utah, science in a general way, science in a specific way. WtWWU is frequently very wordy, digressive, and sciencey (and this is me saying!), but with enough naughty words to keep it readable, and there are often footnotes (including footnotes in the photos, occasionally, a level of footnoting I've never achieved before, so I'm impressed), so PATSP readers should feel more or less right at home. I think the sequence by which I encountered WtWWU is, I went to Phytophactor, which was hosting Berry-Go-Round #24, which included a link to a post at WtWWU that made extensive reference to triploidy, which happened to be something I was very interested in at the moment.

I can't imagine there's anybody reading this who wouldn't already be familiar with NellJean's Secrets of a Seed Scatterer, but I've recently added it to my Blogger reading list, so it counts. NellJean writes from Southwestern Georgia, primarily about outdoor gardening there. There's also quite a lot of nice photography, some meta-blogging (blogging about the process of blogging), frequently interesting polls, and a bit of houseplants. I don't remember how I became aware of it first; probably Blotanical. After a certain point, it no longer really matters.

Our Little Acre is another sort of surprising long-term omission. I don't have an explanation. It's written in Northwest Ohio, by Kylee, and has lately been about houseplants quite a bit, but there are also posts about travel, meta-blogging, food gardening and ornamental outdoor gardening. You probably already know all this. This is another one that was probably found through Blotanical, but it doesn't matter because I could have run into it ten thousand different ways, had Blotanical not been there.

Far Out Flora is written by, well, "faroutflora," (Megan) but also mattisalomaki (Matti). They write from San Francisco, California, primarily about houseplants, and the plants that can be houseplants or outdoor plants in San Francisco, which is apparently most of them. Particular emphases include bromeliads, succulents (but not cacti so much, for some reason), carnivorous plants, and a recent-seeming (?) enthusiasm for vertical gardening. Also considerable photography of plants: indoor, outdoor, retail, landscape, whatever.


Jean Campbell said...

Thank you for mentioning my rustic blog. I remember finding you: I was looking for something else. I find the best sites that way.

Megan said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for some good steers. My connection to the world via phone line is so tenuous that if it weren't for some places like you and Garden Rant I'd miss a lot. As the world goes high speed my stone age phone company leaves me unable to search long and hard - nice to be able to piggyback on your work!

Ivynettle said...

Aw, thanks! I feel honoured to be mentioned! :)
I'm from Austria - which I'll trust PATSP readers to know is not the place with the kangaroos. ;)

mr_subjunctive said...


Had I been forced to guess, I would have guessed Germany. So, right part of the right continent, if the wrong country.

our friend Ben said...

Thanks for the reviews, Mr. S. What a boon to all us busy bloggers!