Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random plant event: Stapelia NOID flower bud

I discovered this during the last round of watering, on the 22nd. I'd seen the Stapelia start a number of buds since I bought it last summer, but most of them aborted while still tiny, and I'd pretty much given up on looking for flowers around November.

Which all means that by the time I found this one, it was already huge, roughly 6 inches (15 cm) from tip to base. I'm not especially looking forward to the smell, but I will be interested in getting a definite ID for it. Obviously updates will be forthcoming once something happens.


Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive! I can't wait to see it open!

Claude said...

cool... mine usually blooms in the autumn here.

I've never found the smell overwhelming. But then, mine blooms outside, any buds that are developing when I bring it in for the first frost are nipped off. In an enclosed space... I don't know... anyway, I've found that the blooms tend to open on the afternoon of the first day, then are done by about the same time on the second day. If the buds that big... maybe within a week. They're strange looking flowers.

Sue Catmint said...

certainly strange weird looking flower, like Zei, looking forward to seeing it open.

Ginny Burton said...

Beware of Sheba's attraction to something that smelly!

Unknown said...

Oh, Stapelia! I haven't seen one in bloom for so many years. At least you'll have something to mask the smell of Sheba?

CelticRose said...

Cool! I love Stapelia flowers. Can't wait to see yours. :)

mr_subjunctive said...

Ginny Burton:

Even if she were attracted, it's behind other plants on a shelf higher than she can reach, so I think they'll be okay.


I think it only counts as a "mask" if it's more pleasant than the smell it's covering up.

The Hoya lacunosa has been doing its best, and actually Sheba is maybe smelling better than she was -- or at least she was up until this morning's vomiting.

Zach said...


The one bloom that I have had the opportunity to see was not particularly smelly. I really had to get my nose up to it to smell the hideousness.

You coming to St. Louie?

Lance said...

My mother had one of these - thankfully it only bloomed in summer and outside. It was very strong and rank. Always had to spray the flowers because flies would lay eggs in the hairs inside them all the time. Even as gross as that is though, I looked forward to the flowers because they are so alien looking.