Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music Video: A Plus D "Standing in the Way of Connection" (The Gossip / Elastica mashup)

Incredibly boring video, but the interesting one I found for the same song was so hyperactive it hurt to watch.

The mix is "Connection," by Elastica, crossed with "Standing in the Way of Control," by The Gossip. I'm not terribly familiar with The Gossip (I know who they are, but they're a little after my time), but I love love love love Elastica's first album. (The second one is a piece of crap, alas, but the first one is great.)

It doesn't hurt that they're one of two band names that overlap with the plant collection: (Ficus) Elastica and (Chamaedorea) Metallica. Though I like Elastica a lot better than Metallica.


grumblebunny said...

Justine Frischmann + Beth Ditto = Perfection in a girl suit.

Rohrerbot said...

This is great!

Paul said...

DUDE, yes! What happened to that 2nd album? Such a disappointment. But I love Justine, and she did give M.I.A. to the world, so I can forgive her. (She hates the Oasis Gallagher brothers, too, so I have to respect that.)