Friday, January 14, 2011

Random plant event: Kalanchoe millotii flower

This took a long time to go from bud to flower. I was surprised. (The post about the buds was 24 November, which was more than seven weeks ago.) On the other hand, it looks like the blooms are going to be spread out over a long period, so the plant will be blooming for an unusually long time, too.

If only the flowers were, y'know, pretty. Not that they're hideous; they're just not really big enough to be noticeable. Oh well.


Paul said...

Understated is good sometimes. It's cute.

Sentient Meat said...

You're right, the flowers are slow to appear and not showy, similar to K beharensis. They're not even as interesting as the aggressively UN-showy flowers of K tomentosa "panda plant", which are almost masculine in their fuzzy, brown-and-green un-floweryness.

I definitely grow K millotii for its pleasantly succulent leaves with their pronounced, peachy fuzz, not to mention the ease of culture and good behavior. In pots and beds, unlike some of its kin, it doesn't spread like a weed. And K millotii can grow pleasantly compact and un-weedy for a year or two before you have to cut it back.

The flowers definitely fall under the heading, "At least it's doing something and it seems rather happy".