Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mouse and Trowel winners announced

Celebratory Gazanias.

So the winners of the Mouse and Trowel awards were announced yesterday, and PATSP won for two categories: Best Indoor Gardening Blog, and Post of the Year (for the Zombie Apocalypse post). I didn't acknowledge it yesterday because:

1) We're still dealing with some dog diarrhea issues here (she has yet to go in the house, which is very, very good, and believe me we're appreciative of our good luck on that particular count, but she's also gotten us up in the middle of the night for two nights running), and the sleep-deprivation that goes with that;
2) I did get the box of plants from the post office I mentioned in yesterday's post, and there was repotting and picture-taking to be done;
3) I didn't exactly know what to say.

The traditional Streptocarpus of Public Recognition.

But so I guess what one does in this situation is, one thanks the people involved. So.
  • A big thanks to Colleen Vanderlinden and the M&T sponsors, for setting the whole thing up in the first place. I know a lot of work goes into these things.
  • Thank-you to everyone who stopped by PATSP to see whether it was worth voting for during the last couple weeks, and a second thank-you to everybody who decided it was worth your vote.
  • I know it sounds kind of weird, but I want to acknowledge the other blogs in the Indoor Gardening category: Get in the Garden, Indoor Garden-er, Nature Assassin, and Plant Zone. If you aren't already visiting them, you really ought to be. When people said (as people did, often) that Indoor Gardening was an especially tough category in which to vote, they weren't kidding. Please, go visit them and leave them messages about how they were totally robbed. 'Cause they were.
  • Should probably also thank the husband, who makes it possible for me to spend almost all my time blogging or watering, and without whom PATSP would be literally impossible, or at least updated a lot less frequently.
  • Finally, I have to thank the zombies, whose tireless dedication and perseverance inspires us all. More brains indeed!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Congratulations! You truly deserve these awards!

Liza said...

I agree with Martha. And apparently a lot of other people.

Steve Asbell said...

Congrats! I honestly thought i had more time for the final voting, but you should know that I did nominate you! That zombie post was indeed a hoot.

Kenneth Moore said...

I definitely told my friends/coworkers to vote for you in every category other than the Indoor Gardening one. I figured my vote for you would count more than theirs, y'know? I'm kind of honoured to be runner up to you!

Congratulations! (Also--zombie post = teh $#!+, which means it's awesome.)

Colleen Vanderlinden said...

Congratulations! I don't vote in the Mousies (in case I ever have to break a tie, which hasn't happened yet) but I told my husband after all the votes were in that I was happy you won. I think my exact words were "he uses f---ing footnotes. In a blog! He had to win something!" :-)

So congrats. I'm still slowly but surely accumulating my zombie apocalypse arsenal.

Aaerelon said...

Congrats again and thanks for the mention! You're posts are just too much fun. :) My blog is only 318 days old though, so you better watch out for next year! :P