Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty picture: Epidendrum Max Valley

Yet another photo from the Illowa Orchid Society's show at Wallace's Garden Center at the end of March. (The reader should expect that these posts are going to happen every week or two; I have them planned through January.)

Unlike with some of the others, I don't have any fun trivia or strong personal feelings about this one. I think the picture is the problem, as far as strong personal feelings: the green-blue cloth and blue ribbon in the back make the colors all seem strange. I couldn't move it somewhere else to take the picture, though, unfortunately.


Liza said...

That cracks me up you have posts planned out through next year! It's impressive!

Paul said...

Reed-stemmed Epids like this one are commonly grown in warm areas such as some areas of California and Florida as regular garden plants. This type will bloom over a very long period of time producing new blooms from that same spike as the older blooms die off.

Unknown said...

I gots mine in LaFlorida. Great as a potted plant, Ive also seen them in landscape as masses.... I think everybody bought them from Home Depot at the same time when they came out as a 'new' plant.