Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pretty pictures: Cosmos 'Cosmic Mix'

I was somehow exhausted before even waking up on Saturday, and then stayed exhausted all day. I don't feel sick exactly; it's more like I've been up for 24 hours. Except that I haven't.

In any case, this means that the little hamster on a wheel that powers my brain is sitting in the corner of his cage, giving me the finger while watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and eating potato chips, so now thinking is hard, and getting harder. Probably for both of us. I've always sensed myself getting stupider whenever I've watched KUWtK. So I don't really have a comment on any of these pictures, except to note that this is probably the only plant genus named after an alcoholic beverage.

(Not really. The drink's full name is Cosmopolitan. But still.)

I will likely have beaten the hamster into submission by tomorrow, and hopefully once he's under control, the creakiness in my joints and muscles will have subsided too and things can get back to normal.


Garden Centers Web Design said...

Beautiful Cosmos, Its my favorite.

Sue Swift said...

Hope you're feeling better. lovely pics.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Very pretty flowers. Hope you feel better soon. It might simply be exhaustion, if you've been pushing yourself too hard, and your body is taking the day off.

SiestaSister said...

Love those orange cosmos. I am spreading the seeds around so I will have more as the summer progresses

Mae said...

There's a begonia series from Syngenta that's called "Cocktail." When I worked at a nursery, I loved taking orders over the phone for it. "Alright, you'd like 2 whiskey, 1 gin, 3 rum, and a vodka?" I'd like to have been in on that marketing meeting when they named the series.