Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random plant event: Episcia 'Coco' leaf sprouting

Back when I did the list about plants that can be propagated from single leaves, I included Episcia in theory, because it's related to a lot of plants that can produce new plants from leaves, but I'd never seen it actually happen, and James Missier said he'd tried it but it hadn't worked, so I wasn't sure whether it was possible or not.

It turns out that it can happen, though:

This is a tiny plantlet from a leaf off of Episcia 'Coco' that Kenneth Moore sent me last summer; a few leaves fell off during transit or during the repot (don't remember which) and I threw them in a plastic container with vermiculite in it to see what would happen. They grew roots quickly, but showed no signs of sprouting new plants until earlier this month. So now I know that it's possible, at least. Whether it's a particularly good idea, I don't know: that's a long time to wait, and stem cuttings are much faster and give you full-sized plants as soon as they root. But at least it's not theoretical anymore.

The next obstacle is, will it transplant to real soil okay, or is it going to be traumatized? Check back in a few months and we'll find out.


Anonymous said...

Good to know. I recently got an Episcia cutting but the growing tip has been damaged. At least now I know if nothing sprouts I'll be able to root a leaf from it.

Unknown said...

Good on you for getting this to root. I haven't had an Episcia for many years. I am excited to report, however, a flower bud on my paphiopedilum orchid, the first one it's ever had since I bought it last winter. It will be green. and Awesome. Happy new year to you, the hubs, Sheba and Nina. And all your plants.