Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty picture: Beallara Tropic Lily 'Ice Palace'

Sorry about this. I know it's not my best photo. There's nothing new going on in the house, though, and the last few times we've gone out looking for interesting garden center photos, either the garden center in question was closed when we got there, or it was open but they didn't have anything interesting going on either. So with this picture I'm reaching way back to last August, and it's not even a particularly good or interesting photo, though I still like Beallaras in general.

On the up side, we're supposed to get a little snowstorm today (Monday) and then a big snowstorm Tuesday and Wednesday, which between the two of them are supposed to drop 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) on us. It's not East Coast kind of snow (seriously, guys -- so jealous), but it'd be the biggest snowfall of our winter to date if it happens like they're saying it will, so I'm pretty stoked. Alas, it's also going to involve 25-30 mph (40-48 kph) winds and wind chills down to -21F (-29C), but you know: every rose, thorn, yada yada.


Liza said...

Oooh, we're supposed to get hit by that storm, too. Which sucks for the Crocuses that have already popped up in the front yard, but which is great for me - I miss snow!

Kenneth Moore said...

I'm jealous of the east coast, too. DC has managed to avoid the worst of the precipitation, barring the recent "Thundersnow" during which every inclement weather occurence that could occur did. But it was way too wet to be fun. ...I just want spring to come and have winter stop teasing me so.

Peter said...

You must be getting the remnants of our storm from this weekend as it moves east. We had some rain and some temperatures as low as the mid 50s. It was very traumatic.